Engineering Services

BBG is proud to boast our wide range of services that aid in product realization and manufacturing. With quality and standards far above the competition, we design and manufacture products in the USA, for both the military and commercial sectors. Our services extend from the beginning architecture decisions all the way through manufacturing in-house, in Chesapeake, Virginia.

PCB Design & Fabrication

Mil-Spec to commercial grade, Leaded to RoHS compliant.

Assembly & Prduction

50 years of prototyping for small or large batch production.

Software Engineering

Firmware & software of all types and for all platforms.

Custom Integration

Shipboard sonar, radar, navigation interfaces. Custom interface consulting services.


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PCB Design and Manufacturing

With over 50 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and testing, you can expect our product designs to be lean and clean! We often manufacture in-house the products we are tasked to design, our amazing QA team keeps customers coming back, and problems from making it out the door.

PCB Layout & Design

PCB layout and design services are part of our core business. Whether you need assistance in layout, component selection, creation from an idea on a napkin, or design for mass production, we have the services for you!

PCB Manufacturing

If you need to assemble a finalized design, or are ready for PCB prototyping, or require high volume production, we can meet your needs. We are proud to say we manufacture all our products in the USA! This preserves our quality and ensures your requirements are met and exceeded.

PCB Testing

Do you have a design or prototype that isn’t quite working right? We have a team of engineers for testing, inspecting, and problem solving troublesome PCBs. Let us remove your frustrations so you can go back to designing and creating!


Software Engineering

We provide complete software packages with easy-to-use graphical user interfaces to programming the functions of microcontrollers and microprocessors. The software and firmware engineers at BBG use state of the art platforms to provide your solutions.

HMI/GUI Design

The HMI & GUI application services we offer span user experience design, application re-engineering, graphical control systems, and R&D. Our in-house research and development team keeps up to date with the current trends and latest advancements in HMI & GUI technology to make sure you receive an everlasting and functional solution.

Software/Firmware Engineering

New products and technology solutions require software and firmware to function, this is why part of the core of our business is focused on software engineering and vigorous testing. From embedded systems, networking, wireless protocols, to low power ARM-based servers, we have the solution needed to move forward with your product.

FPGA/CPLD Engineering

BBG’s VHDL/Verilog engineers work with your staff to deliver complex designs on tight schedules. Whether you need a CPLD or large FPGA, our complete turn-key and cost-effective solutions will ensure perfect integration.


Assembly and Production

BBG is equipped to manufacture and integrate products or sub-assemblies, wire harnesses, and complete assemblies for turnkey solutions that extend a customer’s operations. We can also handle small batch production.

Prototyping & Trial Production

As a smaller manufacturer, BBG can afford to do small batch production trials and prototypes, the first step to mass production.From cable, wireharness, eenclosure, and circuit deisng, we do it all, then using cutting edge visual inspection and component placing machines, we deliver precision and speed without sacrificing quality. We can do runs as small as one, and as large as tens of thousands, scaling from prototypes to the mass production is not and issue with BBG.

PCB and Product Assembly

Whether you manufacture SPA systems, military subsystems, or electrical equipment, assembly i part of your main operation. BBG engineers and technicians have decades of assembly experience with cost reduction and timely delivery using the newest technologies available.

Hardware and Software QA

New products and techniques always come with new problems. Our quality assurance engineers can test your new product or design and make sure it’s ready for shipment and free of bugs. With comprehensive test plans coupled with detailed test methodologies, we’ll bring you up to date with current industry techniques. We do complete system testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, automation testing, and environmental testing.


Custom Integration

We provide complete packages with easy-to-use graphical user interfaces and hardware. The engineers at BBG use state of the art systems and solutions for all of our jobs.

Legacy Integration

BBG’s integration department specializes in integrating new technology with legacy technology for both the US military and foreign militaries. As an ITAR registered business, we have the experience and ability to work with customers and engineers from around the world.

Sonar, Radar, & Navigation Interfaces

New technology often requires specialized solutions to work with old technology, we provide this bridge for many of the shipboard systems. Don’t let incompatibility hold you back, let BBG tackle the problems!


Custtom Hardware and design integration often requires special knowledge and understanding of the problem to decide what approach, if any, should be taken. Our engineers are experts and understand how to achieve great results with minimal efforts and cost, let us help you with your custom solution.


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