Engineering Services

BBG is proud to boast our wide range of services that aid in product realization and manufacturing. With quality and standards far above the competition, we design and manufacture products in the USA, for both the military and commercial sectors. Our services extend from the beginning architecture decisions all the way through manufacturing in-house, in Chesapeake, Virginia.

PCB Design & Fabrication

Mil-Spec to commercial grade, Leaded to RoHS compliant.

Prototyping & Testing

BBG has over 50 years of combined prototyping and test plan development for military, aerospace, and commercial products.

Assembly & Prduction

We work with large and small business to increase their capabilities and processes.

Software Engineering

Firmware for ARMs/MCUs, RTOS implementations, HMI/GUIs, and VHDL/Verilog for FPGA/CPLD design.

Custom Systems & Integration

Shipboard sonar, radar, navigation interfaces. Custom interface consulting services.

Shipboard Installation

We have dedicated installers and integration specialists that have experience with US and foreign military work.

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