BBG-3000 USB Universal Conversion Engine

The BBG-3000 USB Universal Conversion Engine is a stand-alone module, which provides data format conversion of analog, synchro, and resolver signals to a USB connection.


  • Radar Systems (antenna azimuth)
  • Navigation Systems (gyrocompass, speedlog, course, pitch, and roll)
  • Industrial Processes (position, velocity)
  • Meteorology Instruments (wind speed and direction)
  • Many Others

The USB Universal Conversion Engine (UUCE) is a stand alone module which interfaces synchro, resolver and analog data to the Universal Serial Bus (USB). An onboard microcontroller controls the processing of these signals to provide conversion of user requested inputs and outputs. An optional LCD display enables display of raw or converted data. During power up or reset, an onboard microcontroller configures the interfaces and provides all signals and control necessary to read the desired interface, process and display the data, and output the converted data. Examples of uses include: radar systems (antenna azimuth), navigation systems (gyrocompass, speedlog, course, pitch, and roll), industrial processes (position, velocity), and meterology instruments (wind speed and direction). These bulkhead mount enclosures are factory configurable to customer requirements for easy field installation. An onboard microcontroller controls the processing of these signals to provide conversions to user requested outputs.


  • Bulkhead Mount Composite Enclosure
  • Analog I/O 0/+10, -5/+5, -10/+10 Vdc
  • 90V, 11.8V Synchro, 6.8V Resolver
  • USB Interface with Mini USB connector
  • Optional LCD Display with Back-light

Technical Specification
Parameter Value Units
Power Input 24 Volts DC
1 Amps
Temperature Range
Operating Temperature 0 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -65 to +150 °C
Synchro 90 and 11.8 Volts
0-2000 Hertz
Resolver 6.8 Volts
0-2000 Herts
USB Slow Speed V2.0 Compliant
Analog 0/5, -5/5, -10/10 Volts
Accuracy +/- 4 Arc Minutes
Physical Characteristics
8.0 x 6.12 x 4.13 Inches
20.32 x 15.55 x 10.49 Centimeters

Card Layout: