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SeriesPart No.DecriptionInputOutputCustomizableAvailabilityDatasheet
SeriesPart No.DecriptionInputOutputCustomizableAvailabilityDatasheet
Synchro to ACP/ARPBBG-ACP/ARPA Stand alone unit which receives synchro azimuth information and generates ARP and ACP pulses.Synchro azimuthAzimuth reference, pulse, azimuth change pulseYesPDF_button
Synchro to ACP/ARP CardBBG-ACP/ARP-PCThis IBM PC ISA format card is designed to receive synchro azimuth information and generates ARP and ACP pulses.Azimuth reference pulse via discrete or synchro. Ownship's heading via PCbus, Synchro/Resolver, or serialRS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-485, MIL-STD-188CYesPDF_button
RADDS InterfaceBBG-RADDSThis unit is designed to allow a RADDS data stream to drive an OJ194 display console.Radar Azimuth, Ownship HeadingDelta-X, Delta-Y, Sign of Cosine, Sign of Sine, Range Marks, End of SweepYesPDF_button
Marine Navigation InterfaceBBG-2572 BBG-2572 accepts NMEA data from the SR-2100 compass and transmits synchro signals out.NMEA 0183 serial heading, roll, pitch, and speed data1X & 36X synchro, 2X & 36X synchro, 2X & 36X synchro, 1X synchroYESPDF_button




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